What happened with the Panama Esmeralda money?

Check out Zach Pflederer's blog to see what ended up happening with the money we raised from the Panama Esmeralda La Especial coffee experiment...



Goodbye Panama, Hello Good Story...

This weekend marked the end of the epic Esmeralda story...we used up the last of it when 7 people in 2 days finished it off. Ethan Gipp (Toby) had his 3rd and final cup, Matt Kayser, Ben Claudin, Derek Ryan, Ryan Donnely, Kurt Carlson, and a guy named A.J. whose last name I don't know all took part in finishing it off.

A total of 36 cups of this delectable bean were sold most of which were sold at $12 a cup. The last 10 or so we're sold at $10 a cup. The grand total that we came away with was $280. If you include the fact that 2 extra bottles were purchased at $80 each in order to expand the money a bit more than Jeff and I's original investment of $80 turned into $420. Not bad for just selling some delicious coffee and making a fun story of it.

Iuventis is gathering Nov. 7th to see how much total money was raised between everyone's respective creative money making ventures. We will decide at this meeting what we end up doing with the money.

This has been a lot of fun and thank you so much for anyone who participated. There is still a lot of good coffee to try and you can come visit me whenever you like at Copper River. There is still a good story happening the coffee industry and I'd love to tell anyone about it and get as many coffee nerds trained up that I can so we can make this world a better place by paying farmers across the world what they're worth while also enjoying a delicious caffeinated beverage.

Keep working to be a part of the redemption of all things. We are all living a story. Keep working to make that the best one possible! Stay tuned to hear more about mine...

...The Redemption of ALL Things...


The last week of Esmeralda...

This past week I sold 5 more cups...A couple regulars at Copper River, Eric Craft and Phil Martin both tried their respective cups and we're glad they did. Toby (Ethan Gipp) had his second cup, Eric Potter had a cup and gave an extra $5 to the cause, and lastly Amber Kingery had one.

You can view all of these on my facebook page under the Panama Esmeralda photo album.

Sunday November 7th is our next Iuventis gathering for Imago Dei and we will decide then what we're going to do with all of the money we raised. Continue to be thinking about what we should do with it if you know a good place for it. We're open to everyone's ideas!

We need to sell the rest of the Esmeralda this week! I have about 8 cups left! By Saturday it will be too old to really be able to fully enjoy so please come in and try it out! You may not ever have a chance to try it this cheap...seriously...some places will charge upwards of $25 for a cup of this and it's just going in their pockets and not necessarily to a good story.

I'm looking forward to seeing where the story finishes with this epic tale...stay tuned!

....The Redemption of ALL Things....


A few more cups...

Apparently I had a mystery buyer of a cup of Esmeralda on Saturday night. His name is Jim and he drives a convertible...so if you see him please take a picture for me and post it on here so we know who he is!

Co-contributor to the Esmeralda Project, Mr. Jeff Eagan, had a pour-over of it today. We we're talking about how the parable of the talents has come to a whole new light. We are actually seeing an investment come to fruition that we can turn around and give back to the Kingdom of God in a way that's creative and fun. I hope I can continue to find more ways to do this even after this...if not me at least as a church or between some friends we can get more creative and find better ways to be generous and giving.

Still plenty Esmeralda left, PLEASE come try a cup and be a part of this great story that's unfolding...

...the REDEMPTION of ALL things....


A weekend with Esmeralda...

9 more lovely folks took part in the Esmeralda story this past weekend! Daniel Williamson tried his second cup and loved it (you have to see the pictures of him trying it on facebook, they are priceless). Others to try it this weekend we're Marty Messineo, Jordan Meiss (Zach Pflederer's cousin), Steve Elmore (one of my favorite customers, sorry to be bias), Blair Hill, Amber Austin, Hannah Huebner, John Kargol, and another June Restaurant chef, Tom McGill.

A special thanks to Blair Hill who not only paid $12 for the cup but also donated an extra $25 to the cause. Also thanks to Zuzu Madanat who donated $10 but didn't want to try it because he was honest enough to say he wouldn't be able to appreciate it like someone else because he doesn't like any form of coffee. So thanks Zu for the extra $!

I've told many curious onlookers, as I've snapped photos of everyone trying it, about what I'm doing with this little project and many find it incredibly fascinating and exciting and are planning on coming in this week to try some of this nectar of the gods.

What's shocking to me is that not one person has complained about the $12 price...which is great because it means that people are realizing that a cup of coffee might actually be worth that, which also means more money to farmers for all of their intense labor. This whole project has provided for a multifaceted story in that there are many who are benefiting from this (the customer, us at copper river, and the farmer, and a lot more who are being educated about coffee in general. This little bean is opening the door to a whole new world of coffee connoisseurs and really helping to show people the capabilities of what coffee can taste like.

It's so encouraging to see everyone's face light up as the sip this particular coffee. It really affirms to me that I'm where God wants me to be. This may sound strange to many people but I see this profession as not only a means to interact with customers on a daily basis but also to totally transform the lives of many farmers who have been exploited for centuries. I've found a way to make a direct impact on the third world and be a part of that redemption process that God has for this beautiful creation and be on the side of the oppressed and those taken advantage of rather than on the side of the oppressor and corporate giants who only want to make profit no matter who or what they have to destroy to get it.

..and to think all of this evolves around this little seed from a cherry. Simply amazing!

As I see all of this take place with the Esmeralda story it proves to me that we all love stories. We want to be a part of a story and we love good stories. I believe we feel this way because we we're ALL made to live a good story. We have a plan and a purpose and many things get in the way...there is conflict all along the way just like any other good story and we must overcome to reach our goal.

God wants you to be a part of His story in working toward the redemption of all things. He wants us to partner with him to make this world the way it was meant to be. Are you living a good story? Are you living in away that will aid in this overarching story of redemption? Of love, mercy, grace, justice, and peace?

If not, why not? Join us! Here is a chance to play a part in one of those small chapters! An invitation to see a glimpse of heaven on earth...

Don't miss your chance to come try some of this delicious Panama Esmeralda coffee this week! And be thinking of something awesome for us to do with this money when we're done. I think some of the other students and leaders who are also doing something similar to this have also raised a pretty good chunk of change. So if anyone has any thoughts or ideas or knows anyone with a specific need please let us know!

...The REDEMPTION of ALL Things...


Panama Esmeralda...End of Bottle #1

Just this past Tuesday we polished the first bottle of the Esmeralda. Copper River had US CELLULAR in the shop and they we're buying everyone's drink as part of their new "Belief Project" they were launching this past weekend. So, since they pretty much gave our company $1,000 I figured I'd by the representatives that we're there a cup of Esmeralda to split between all them. Some we're coffee drinkers, some not at all but every single one of them finished their black cup and thoroughly enjoyed it! Many picked up on some of the same characteristics that the others had, smooth, tea-like, balanced, citrus, bergamot, and a delightful champagne finish. It was fitting that this story be a part of the good one that their company was doing across the nation. (you should definitely google what they did with their belief project, it's pretty sweet, I might be changing cell phone services because of it). Pictures are on my facebook of Deanna making the pour-over for Christine, Michelle, and Randall (the three US CELLULAR reps) I even got to sneak in a small cup while I was in the middle of making a huge line of drinks. I almost forgot how beautiful it was...it gave me that tingly feeling again.

Later Tuesday afternoon Zain Hakeem came in again for round two, dropping a total of $24 on two 12oz. cups of Panama Esmeralda. I love it! It was his birthday and he figured there was no better way to celebrate his last year of being a twenty-something. He can't get over the fact that the Esmeralda reminds him of some of his mom's cooking growing up. The cup took him back to childhood...it's amazing that this little bean has the power to do..a little bean grown on some high slopes in Panama with nothing added to it at all..from the Earth! It's really fascinating!

And what no better man to finish off the last of the bottle than Josh Lanning, chef, friend, and regular pour-over customer of ours at Copper River. We we're excited for him to try it, he loves coffee for one and second he's an incredible chef and has quite a more elaborate palate than ourselves. He was blown away by the intense floral aroma that it gave off while it was brewing....I'm pretty sure I saw him salivating but I can't be sure. As he drink this heavenly brew his face lit up and immediately said that it was literally perfect. He picked up on the bergomot and said he got a lot of cardamom flavor...which Zain immediately agreed with as what he was thinking about his mother's cooking. Josh just kept saying how perfect it was...and I can't argue with him.

You can view these pictures and more on my facebook.

Come get your cup! I have two more bottles coming in and that will probably be it (unless anyone can convince me otherwise). I should have it while at work Friday morning and Saturday morning. Of course you can come in next week as well. So far I've raised $156 from my initial $80 investment. I'm excited to see if we can sell the entirety of the other two bottles!

If anyone knows where a good place to put this money to please let me know. We're keeping our ears open and would love to give to a good cause or to someone who might really need it for something.

...The Redemption of ALL Things...


The Esmeralda story continues...

After last night and today there is only enough Esmeralda for 2 more people this week. Who will it be? I have ordered a couple more bags for next week. I have been pleasantly surprised by everyone's desire to try it and I don't think anyone so far has been disappointed. In fact, a few of us are actually having dreams about the mysterious Esmeralda.

Dan Williamson had a dream involving Ethan Gipp actually breaking into a seizure because of the aroma of the Esmeralda as he was making a pour over. The owner of Copper River, Scott Elledge, went around the bar to help Ethan while Daniel continued to brew the deliciousness explaining that he couldn't help out until he finished. Apparently his love for Esmeralda is more than his own friends...

Deanna Kennedy and Tracy Brunsman, both employees of Copper River and tenants of CASTLE, got to try their cups last night. Tracy describes her experience as "super tasty" even though it wasn't full-bodied which she normally prefers ( I think there a lot of us who are surprised by the lightness and velvetyness of it). She felt there was definitely an intense bergamot characteristic and found the perfumy aroma to be absolutely amazing.

Deanna says "Esmeralda is such a smooth, satisfying cup of coffee. At first, when still hot, the bergamot and floral notes are most prevalent. As it cooled, she seemed to fill my mouth with smooth, sweet fruitiness and I felt as if I had bitten into a peach or some other sort of juicy fruit and the finish had a mild key lime flavor. Esmeralda- I love you"

This morning Frankie King and Stuart Laughlin tried a cup, both of whom are regulars of our shop at Copper River. Frankie was willing to buy a cup a day saying that this was something he could easily drink without milk and sugar (which is typically how he prefers coffee). He didn't seem to care that it would cost him $4,380 to consume a 12oz. cup each day for a year. Brilliant.

Stuart Laughlin gave her a try today as well after I explained what the money was going towards. He is one of our regular coffee drinkers and was very satisfied with his experience saying that the Esmeralda just kept on giving as he progressed until the end of the cup. He wished he could use Maxwell House's "good to the last drop" phrase and I told him we could easily steal it and market it so it would hold some truth.

Thanks guys for trying it out! Stay tuned for more stories. Check out www.facebook.com/ty.paluska or www.facebook.com/coppercoffee (or follow the links on the right of this blog) to see pictures!

If anyone is interested in trying some please let me know via comment, text, or e-mail and i'll be sure to have enough!